Hurricane Fiona relief efforts

We naturally had to get involved with the devastation caused by Fiona. We recently traveled south of the island to visit some families directly affected. While we all have seen images, seeing it in person takes another dimension. Houses have been flooded; some have no roofs; people have lost their belongings; and there was still no electricity a week after Fiona hit the island. These tragic conditions of course affect vulnerable people even more. We met a single mom with 3 children, two of them diabetic, who has lost her house and is being moved to a public housing facility but does not even have mattresses and blankets. We met another family whose grandmother died during the hurricane, the mother is single with 2 kids and does not have the resources for the funeral, and the uncle is a stage 3 cancer patient who needs an oxygen machine. We are a grassroots organization and believe in stepping in and helping highly vulnerable for people in dire situations who have not yet been helped by other relief efforts, and we will be contributing both funding, basic necessities, and equipment to a number of Puerto Ricans families in despair.

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